Friday, May 7, 2010

It's a month of debuts

Eirelander Publishing proudly presents:

Legacy 2150

This is the world of hardcore sci-fi, and F. Allen Farnham has delivered on the debut story for this series.

Wraiths of Earth

Seven hundred years after the destruction of mankind a new threat sits poised to strike Earth.

There is more to the disappearance of cargo ships than meets the eye. A burst of static and then poof--craft is gone, crew is gone.

Rumors grow in the dark alleys and religious communities. The gossip spreads like wild fire. Most laugh when they hear it, dismissing the tales asa superstition or excessive piety; but all tremble inside. In their hearts, they know the orirginal genocide nearly a millennium ago was a great crime; and where all their technology and power has failed to provide the answers, the rumor may be true...

... the wraiths of earth have come for revenge.

Belladonna Bordeaux returns to Eirelander with her newest Borderlands Story, Valkyr. The debut of Eirelander Extreme.

What happens when the woman you love turns out to be what you detest?

Paranormal hunter Patrick MacGillvrey has lost his faith in everything except his girlfriend. Liv de Nostradame is perfect in and out of bed and has been his salvation since his sister's death. That is until he fids out she's a very specific type of elf, a Valkyr. The only redeeming quality she possesses after that revelation is that she can lead Patrick to the truth about his sister's death.

She can take him to Asgard and the land of the elves.

To save the woman who loves him desperately from a fate worse than death, he'll have to open his eyes to the truth.

To find out a little more about the Borderlands visit her website!


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