Friday, June 29, 2012

Fallin Mate

Eirelander-publishing has a new book out. A good friend of mine had gottin it published! its called fallin Mate by a close family friend (Belladonna Boreaux) about-Sasha Grey definitely loves her boyfriend but to become his Creator? To bite him and hope his soul can survive the change? She's not so certain about biting him and making him a vampire, but he makes her so hot and bothered, how can she deny him? Michael turns the game around and brings in two friends who will change the entire dynamic of their relationship and open her eyes to the elusive enigmas known as the Aos Sidhe. Genre Paranormal Romance/Erotic Romance

Saturday, June 23, 2012

pack of 3 (buffi Becraft)

Pack of 3 (Buffi Becraft) Life can be hell when things that go bump in the night, rule the day. In her experience, men are dogs and the monsters after her aren't much better. Stuck fighting for her life in a paranormal post apocalyptic nightmare, Jill trusts only her two loyal canine companions to keep her safe-- until they're not so furry anymore. Then again, what's a girl to do with not just one, sexy alpha male shape shifter--but two! The heat is on, and time is running out for Jill to find out what it takes for a human, a werewolf,and a pitt bull shifter to be a true pack of three. Genre Paranormal Romance/Erotic Romance Length Super Short Heat Level Extreme

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Wasp by Elizabyth Burtis.. Vampire Miro Velasco has stumbled upon an irresistible prey.Intoxicated, he hunts the beauty through a busy LA nightclub until he finds andseduces her. Spiriting her out of the building, he leads her away to her fate. Butcan desire be resisted? Or is their passion too strong to escape?