Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Seducing the Sword (by Dakota Trace) -eirelander/publishing-

Seducing the Sword (by Dakota Trace)

Camulos, the God of War, lost his family when he couldn’t give up what his wife, Ashlyn, called his war-like ways. After she leaves taking their twin sons, he secludes himself. He’s unprepared when ten years later Cayleigh, Ashlyn’s aunt, shows up with his now teen-aged sons. With his wife dead, he’s shocked to realize after waiting for centuries the Fates have finally given him the headstrong TrueMate he requires. Even as Cayleigh denies his claim, in the throes of the assero vel’abeo he has no choice. He has to have her submission. With less than twenty-four hours to insure it or die, whoever said the Fates were kind?

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