Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Blue Collar Werewolves come to audio!!!!

Weremones, Book 1 of the Blue Collar Werewolf Series, is now available in audio! Fans can now get a copy from Amazon, Audible, and ITunes!

Buffi BeCraft is your normal everyday humdrum writer living high on hill in the woods surrounded by her very own pack of canines and humans. Throw in a few cats and the family is complete. Of course, you just might miss her while she’s out and about sporting whatever hair color of the day strikes her fancy. Green, blue, purple, cotton candy. And when muse strikes, and she strikes hard, Buffi heads off to the writer cave to find out what’s going on in her imagination. Fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi….erotic romance. No genre is off limits. So, sit back and enjoy the different worlds of Buffi BeCraft.

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  1. Great cover, Buffi. Was it intentional where you put the wolf? lol