Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Paper vs Ebook- the aging argument

I posted this on FB and it is so cute in that it made me want to share it further.

The already aging argument of ebook vs paper book is really a non-issue. Paper books will never go away and ebooks have become a market share all by themselves. Both are great, both have their place, and it's why we sell both. :)

Ebook- Vastly portable on almost any electronic device. The go anywhere- find that elusive copy you missed device. Living away from a major metropolitan area, it's hard to replace copies of my old favorites without hunting down on the internet and waiting for them to ship to me. It's instant gratification!

Paper- There is NOTHING like the feel of a paper book, soft or hard back. Even better is the feel of a virgin paper book in your hands, knowing that you are the first to crack it open. There's also the bath and a glass of wine with a paper book option.

Anyone else have any comments on the subject?

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  1. Although, I'm e-published, I still like a print book and so do most of my friends.