Friday, February 19, 2010

February heats up at Eirelander Publishing

Now Available:

J. Hali Steele returns to her Sovereign Kind series with Clawless.

An act of kindness can change your life -- forever.

Griffin Hayes knew what Jenna Sahara was and he didn't care. So what if she was a member of the Kind? She took his breath away. And his passion for her knew no bounds.

A vampyre infected lioness from the Sovereign Kind, Janna had never been so drawn to any man more than the mortal Griffin. And he's fated to be her true mate.

Consumed by sadness because she is different, Jenna is determined to have Griffin in her life no matter what.

First she'll have to save him from her family who hold the power of life and death over him.

Belladonna Bordeaux debuts her first multi-cultural romance at Eirelander, Cooking with Fire.

Passion can simmer gently in your soul or singe you alive.

Reality show celebrity, Jamison Moresby has had it with struggling restaurant owners and their problems. He's in a small Virginia town facing another frustrating shoot when he meets a woman who isn't just the epitome of the perfect lover but also a danger to his well protected heart.

Reah Munjabi liver her ife between two worlds -- that of being the good Indian daughter and embracing all America represents. She's broken down some of the barriers, but in Jamison's arms she faces a new tangle of complications. She's on a mission to find her own place in the vast schematic of the world.

Her relationship with Jamison is the spark that sets her Bengali blood on fire, but the cost of being together might be greater than either of them is willing to pay.

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