Friday, February 5, 2010

New for February from Eirelander Main Line

Eirelander opens February with two great reads!

Red Dawn by Annie Nicholas

Where Sadie is all about control, Nual is all about making her lose it.

Rule number one, when living with aliens, never make assumptions.

Rule number two, knowledge is power.

Rule number three, don't fall in love.

Assigned as an interpreter to the Cyngi, Liaison Sadie Beckit is left in the dark. The mysterious species' data chip, from head quarters, holds minimal information and Ambassador Nual refuses to give her more. As the Red Dawn is held under siege in a remote part of space, the crew and passengers fight for their lives. Sadie's orders are to escape but her heart is already a hostage.

Falling in love was not in her orders and broke rules one through three.

Genre: Sci-fi Romance/ Space Opera
Length: Novella
Heat Level: Sweet/sensuous

And Hot off the digital presses from R.G. Porter - Shades of Night.

Her siren's song leads to a deadly conspiracy.

A vampire trained to hunt those who have rejected vampiric law, Krystoff finds he is knee deep in a conspiracy to not only overthrow the Council of Elders but humankind itself. As the answers to his burning questions go unanswered, he wanders into a smoke filled club where he hears the purest voice ever and meets a piercing gaze that tugs at his soul.

Half human, half Fae, fearful of vampires, Alexandra knows how to dodge those who walk the shadows. That is until she is drawn to the stage and fulfills her need to sing out a song of loneliness that levels Krystoff's attention on her. He is a vampire she should run from but cannot escape.

Fate has brought them together for a purpose—save the world from being plunged into an endless darkness…

…but that requires they trust each other.

Genre – Paranormal Romance/Vampire & Fae
Length – Novel
Heat Level - Sensual

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